the best stuff of 2018.

the best stuffI consumed a lot of media this year and I’m going to rank my favourite pieces here. Rather than just doing a Film list, I’m also going to do a Games list and a short Music list.

There was some good shit in 2018. Let’s get to it! Continue reading “the best stuff of 2018.”


Everything but the Top Ten: 2018 Edition

Everything But...20182018. Guess we’ve just about made it, huh? I’m not gonna lie, there were a few times this year when I didn’t think I’d survive. One of those times was when I was stretchered off a mountain with a concussion and a busted hand. But most of the time, it was when I was caught in the middle of watching a generally terrible movie.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know if I’ve seen anything as soul-soul-wrenchingly crap as, let’s say, any of the last 4 Transformers movies (although apparently that new one is…legit decent?) but I definitely watched a lot of bad movies this year. Some lame, some boring and some outright offensive. 

I’ve done my best to list these below but if you just want the good shit, I’ll be banging that list up over the next couple of days. Continue reading “Everything but the Top Ten: 2018 Edition”

What Did I Watch in Feb ’18?

Image result for chloe kim winter olympics 2018Here’s a simple exercise: display the media I consumed every month.

With that in mind, I’ll tell ya upfront that I watched an absolute shitload of the Winter Olympics. Apparently I really like watching people play Curling. Who woulda thunk it? Seriously, though, the highlight of the games came very early on when Chloe Kim tore the half-pipe up and then proceeded to open her post-win interview with the words “SOMEONE JUST GAVE ME SOME ICE CREAM SO I’M DOWN WITH THAT.”

This girl is majestic and I hope she never changes. Continue reading “What Did I Watch in Feb ’18?”

What Did I Watch in Jan ’18?

CollateralHere’s a simple exercise: display the media I consumed every month.

Bear in mind, this won’t be *super* extensive. If I posted every song or youtube clip I came across, we’d be here forever and although I’m likely to read a veritable fuck-tonne of poems over the next few months due to a University course, I don’t know that they really qualify.

In short, this is focused on Films, TV, Video Games and books. Maybe the occasional album if I listen to anything current. Continue reading “What Did I Watch in Jan ’18?”

The Annual Movie Review of Hellscape Central (a.k.a 2017)

Header 2017.pngDid you see that shit I wrote last year? I literally called 2016 the ‘Worst Year in Recent Memory’ and I wasn’t wrong. Well, not at the time, anyway. You know how it is; Time is just the slow death of perception. So, 2017. It kinda sucked too.

Let’s talk about movies!

This year was, cinematically speaking, fucking weird. Going into this endeavour I thought this year was super weak for film as well as…everything else. Imagine my surprise when I completed my shortlist with about 18 movies and realising that cutting eight of those was going to be REALLY, REALLY TOUGH. And that’s factoring in that there’s a lot I just haven’t had a chance to see yet. I’ll mention those at the bottom.

I’ll publish the actual Top Ten in the next week or so but this is kind of a general year in review of everything else that came out. Oh and at the very end we’ll talk about Superhero Movies because I need people to hate me. Continue reading “The Annual Movie Review of Hellscape Central (a.k.a 2017)”

How to listen to Silence

SILENCELet’s not screw around here and start by  laying some groundwork with a few declarative statements:

  • Martin Scorcese is one of the most consistently excellent film-makers working today or, frankly, ever.
  • His latest picture, Silence, is unabashedly masterful whether any given individual appreciates it or not.
  • Silence has the most raging hard-on for Catholicism since The Passion of the Christ.

Well, to be fair, I’ve not seen Hacksaw Ridge yet (oh, hey Andrew Garfield, trending much?) but how about we split the difference and say ‘since Mel Gibson’s last feature’? Does that work? Great! Continue reading “How to listen to Silence”