What Did I Watch in Feb ’18?

Image result for chloe kim winter olympics 2018Here’s a simple exercise: display the media I consumed every month.

With that in mind, I’ll tell ya upfront that I watched an absolute shitload of the Winter Olympics. Apparently I really like watching people play Curling. Who woulda thunk it? Seriously, though, the highlight of the games came very early on when Chloe Kim tore the half-pipe up and then proceeded to open her post-win interview with the words “SOMEONE JUST GAVE ME SOME ICE CREAM SO I’M DOWN WITH THAT.”

This girl is majestic and I hope she never changes.

Otherwise, it was an odd month. Netflix pumped out two movies that were both tremendous disappointments (I liked one, hated the other but by all accounts both should have been great) which I might write about after Annihilation is released in March and I saw Black Panther which I really liked but recognise I’m not the core audience for. And that’s way cool. There should probably be a lot less movies tailored solely to the 18-35 year old straight white middle class male market if not only to diversify the breadth of art as well as provide direly needed representation on screen.

Oh and I spent a lot of time learning Japanese. Expect that to continue.

Without further ado:

February 2018

02/02 Ghostbusters II, 1989 (caught second half/seen previously)
05/02 The Cloverfield Paradox, 2018 (terrible)
10/02 Coco 3D, 2017 (pretty good)
10/02 Mission Impossible, 1996 (seen before/still great, caught half of it)
10/02 Mission Impossible 2, 2000 (seen before, still mediocre, caught half of it)
10/02 Mission Impossible 3, 2006 (seen before, still best of the OG trilogy, caught half of it)
11/02 John Wick Chapter 2, 2017 (seen before, still amazed it’s better than the first)
11/02 Mercury Rising, 1998 (seen before, think it’s underrated)
16/02 Downsizing, 2017 (didn’t like it)
17/02 Girl’s Trip, 2017 (it’s okay but not for me)
17/02 Ferdinand, 2017 (really liked)
21/02 Black Panther 3D, 2018 (liked a lot, not perfect but good)
22/02 Saving Private Ryan, 1998 (caught the last third, still the best part of that film, seen before)
23/02 Mute, 2018 (overly savaged by critics but still not great)
24/02 Coco, 2017 (Liked it a bit more the second time)

Books-date provided is date finished
28/02-Japanese From Zero: Book 1/George Trombley, 2014

Tv-watched throughout the month
Pokemon S1 (T)
Roseanne S3
Star Trek Discovery S1
Black Lightning S1
Dragon Ball Z Kai (Saiyan Saga) (T)
Dragon Ball Z (Ginyu Force, Frieza, Garlic Jr, Trunks, Android sagas) (T)
2018 Winter Olympics (SO GOOD!)
Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Ep 1 only)
The Mash Report S2
Violet Evergarden S1

Games-played throughout the month
Telltale’s Batman, 2016 (finished ep 1)
Solitairica, 2016
Thumper, 2016 (so good but so tough!)


What Did I Watch In January ’18?


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