What Did I Watch in Jan ’18?

CollateralHere’s a simple exercise: display the media I consumed every month.

Bear in mind, this won’t be *super* extensive. If I posted every song or youtube clip I came across, we’d be here forever and although I’m likely to read a veritable fuck-tonne of poems over the next few months due to a University course, I don’t know that they really qualify.

In short, this is focused on Films, TV, Video Games and books. Maybe the occasional album if I listen to anything current.

Without further ado:

January 2018

03/01-Dave Chapelle: Equanimity, 2017 (S) (still problematic)
03/01-Dave Chapelle: The Bird Revelation, 2017 (S) (great ending bit)
05/01-Collateral, 2004 (still amazing/seen previously)
06/01-Goodfellas, 1990 (this movie is way more stream of conciousness than I remember)
09/01-The Mummy, 2017 (dogshit)
10/01-American Made, 2017 (fun)
11/01-Russell Howard: Recalibrate, 2017 (S) (more Russell Howard)
12/01-The Greatest Showman, 2017 (pleasant)
13/01-Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, 2017 (funny/2nd viewing)
17/01-Molly’s Game, 2017 (sharp/2nd viewing)
18/01-The Borrowers, 1997 (holds up/seen previously)
18/01-The Flintstones, 1994 (doesn’t hold up/seen previously)
21/01-The Villainess, 2017 (fucking bonkers)
22/01-Olympus Has Fallen, 2013 (trashy as fuck/2nd viewing)
23/01-London Has Fallen, 2016 (maybe the most disgustingly jingoistic flick. i dig it)
24/01-Pitch Perfect 2, 2015 (not quite as good as the first)
24/01-Pitch Perfect 3, 2017 (nowhere near as good as the first)
25/01-Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Out of Water, 2015 (ridonkadonk fun)
31/01-Captain America: Civil War, 2016 (Only caught the back half, still great/second viewing)

Books-each read over two days, date provided is date finished
07/01-Annihilation/Jeff VanderMeer, 2014 (N) (dark)
21/01-A Horse Walks Into A Bar/David Grossman, 2014/16 (T)(N) (an uncompromising collision of the blisteringly funny and relentlessly sad)
28/01-The White Book/Han Kang, 2017 (T)(N) (unbearably sad, Han Kang is easily my favourite author writing today)

Tv-watched throughout the month
Star Trek Discovery S1 pt2 (still good)
Black Mirror S4 (strongest season, weakest individual episodes)
Roseanne S1,2,3 (charming, John Goodman is great)
Moonlighting S1,2 (probably Bruce Willis’ best work?)
The Handmaid’s Tale, S1 (fucking harrowing)
The Russell Howard Hour (eh)
The Path, S1 (1st ep didn’t catch me)
Black Lightning, S1 (surprisingly good)
Last Week Tonight, random clips (<3 JohnnyO)
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, S1 (always got time for Barack)
SAS Who Dares Wins, S3 (never not fascinating)
Arrow, S1 (better than it should be)
Pokemon, S1 (T) (GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!)

Games-played throughout the month
Life is Strange, 2015 (finally finished it. I think I picked the bad ending but I think it’s great)
Life is Strange: Before the Storm, 2017 (finished Ep 1. Will return)
Assassin’s Creed Origins, 2017 (still not feeling it. Need another 100 hours or so)
Solitairica, 2016 (maybe the best game of 2016?)
Threes, 2014 (definitely the best game of 2014)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies, 2013 (T) (finished ep 1, plan to keep playing)
Pokemon Yellow, 1998/2000 (T) (back to my 1st Pokemons!)
Pokemon Moon, 2016 (T) (holy shit Pokemon looks so much nicer now)



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