the best stuff of 2018.

the best stuffI consumed a lot of media this year and I’m going to rank my favourite pieces here. Rather than just doing a Film list, I’m also going to do a Games list and a short Music list.

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The Annual Movie Review of Hellscape Central (a.k.a 2017)

Header 2017.pngDid you see that shit I wrote last year? I literally called 2016 the ‘Worst Year in Recent Memory’ and I wasn’t wrong. Well, not at the time, anyway. You know how it is; Time is just the slow death of perception. So, 2017. It kinda sucked too.

Let’s talk about movies!

This year was, cinematically speaking, fucking weird. Going into this endeavour I thought this year was super weak for film as well as…everything else. Imagine my surprise when I completed my shortlist with about 18 movies and realising that cutting eight of those was going to be REALLY, REALLY TOUGH. And that’s factoring in that there’s a lot I just haven’t had a chance to see yet. I’ll mention those at the bottom.

I’ll publish the actual Top Ten in the next week or so but this is kind of a general year in review of everything else that came out. Oh and at the very end we’ll talk about Superhero Movies because I need people to hate me. Continue reading “The Annual Movie Review of Hellscape Central (a.k.a 2017)”

The Best 10 Movies of the Worst Year in Recent Memory


I know it’s a bit of a flogged horse at this point but: Man, fuck this year.

I am so ready to put 2016 in the rear view that I’m getting my Top 10 Movies of the Year list out of the way more than half a month early. Obviously there are more movies coming out in the next few weeks but nothing that I anticipate making a dent on my list. All of the awards-contenders ruffling feathers in the States aren’t due out here in the UK until at least January, which isn’t even to say I think they would make the list if they came out earlier. Like most years, my choices don’t really line up with what any sort of awards body would go for.

Speaking of other years, I didn’t write up a Top 10 for 2015 because my headspace was so utterly dominated by Mad Max that it immediately topped any list I would write, leaving the other nine entries for Fury Road puns. If you’re interested in my choices for 2014, they can be found at this piece I wrote for The Evans Review back then.

So, here’s the countdown. These movies were all leagues ahead of most cinema fare this year and worth your attention…

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